Can the joints on the nerves hurt

Nervous diseases: all diseases from nerves

There is no happiness in the world, but there is peace and will. Few people surmise that the formula of health is encrypted in this Pushkin line. In the language of psychology and psychiatry, it sounds like this: a person's health depends on his ability to keep his emotions and skills in control of the three groups of forces: by himself, by other people and nature. Once these conditions are violated, the diseases begin to attack us.

All diseases from the nerves of

We are right when we say that all diseases from the nerves of .And our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were right, they were looking for the cause of many of their illnesses on a nervous basis.

But what has been and remains obvious to everyday consciousness, science has long rejected, affirming the approach to man as a creature consisting of two halves: the body and the psyche. And only in the first half of the present century, medicine recognized the constant stable connection between the psyche and the somatic and began to view the human body as a single homeostatic and psychosomatic system. In other words, there can not be a disease of the body that does not affect the psyche sooner or later, and vice versa.

For some time N. began to pursue nightmares. The therapist prescribed mezapam, and the month of N. slept without dreams. Then the nightmares began to repeat, and she turned to a psychiatrist who was familiar with psychoanalysis. He found the "culprit" of her problems. He was an ingrown toenail. N. removed it and began to sleep peacefully.

Mental balance can easily break toothache, constipation, diarrhea, premature ejaculation in men and menstrual retention in women, and even suddenly popped on the face of a pimple can permanently deprive sensitive individuals of good mood.

As for the feedback - the impact of emotions, feelings, emotions on physical health, according to the American researchers A.H. Shmeyl and H.P. Aiker, 80% of all diseases can be explained by the stressful state of the psyche that wears out the body.

Millions of people in all parts of the world suffer from headaches, back and stomach pain, from rapid heartbeats, fainting, weakness and joint pain. For years they go to doctors. But. .. the state does not change. Does this mean that their illnesses are imaginary? Not at all.

After graduation, two friends were assigned to work in the "mail box", where the delay even for one minute was in serious trouble. Both lived far and got to the service in crowded buses with transplants. One terribly worried and was in a state of stress when he got into a traffic jam on the road, while the other at that moment represented himself on the river bank with a fishing rod in his hands. Several times they were late for work and they were deprived of bonuses. One was nervous and was constantly thinking about how they treated him unfairly, the other reacted to the trouble with a joke. When the time of holidays came, one came to the hospital with a stomach ulcer, another went to the village to fish.

Nervous diseases

The most important rule in the fight against is a nervous disease - to keep emotions under control, to learn to understand and accept reality as it is, to cease to be an observer of life and rejoice in every moment of it, to try in any, evendifficult situation to seek a way out and strive for extensive knowledge. The latter is especially important, because it is the intellect that sometimes helps to solve an intricate problem, to remove nervous overstrain.

Irritation, fear, anxiety are very harmful to the stomach. In people who constantly experience these emotions, the secretion of gastric juice increases, the acid content in it increases and the blood supply of the stomach walls decreases, and its protective functions decrease. As a result, an ulcer can form. Likewise, the intestine can suffer.

Many people get angry, hate or fear for ten, twenty or thirty years without suspecting it. They may not know about their anger or irritation, but their body knows about it, which eventually begins to malfunction. One of the best proofs of the inner workings of emotions is an example where the heart of a person, in itself healthy, suddenly strenuously beats or freezes, if he calmly lies in bed and does not seem to have any emotions. In this case, the rate of cardiac contraction depends on the latent stresses.

Changes in the body caused by emotions are mainly in the expansion and contraction of blood vessels. Spasms of cerebral vessels, concomitant nausea, sometimes vomiting often arise as a reaction to this or that emotion. This reaction may be short-lived, or may develop into a serious, painful disease, such as, for example, arthritis.

Here's how it happens. The communication of the brain about the emotional tension is transmitted through the nerve endings to the muscles and then to the joints. The blood vessels that supply them react to stress by disturbing the blood circulation. If stress lasts for years, the tissues of the joints are affected.

People prone to illnesses on nervous or emotional stresses are divided into two types according to the mode of their reactions - active and passive.

Active are people with a reaction directed outward. They are sociable, energetic, mobile. If their emotions of aggression, rivalry or hostility due to some circumstances were inhibited or suppressed, eventually these people become defeated by diseases of the heart and vascular system, such as migraine, high blood pressure, chest pain and a sense of suffocation( angina), heart rhythm disturbances, they have arthritis, hyperthyroidism.

Passive are people with a reaction directed inward. They are zamnuty, pensive and react to the circumstances by emotional self-alienation from action, transition to a state of dependence. They do not want to look at the harsh reality in their eyes and retreat in search of help. If their emotions of aggression, rivalry, hostility have been suppressed for a long time, these people can develop bronchial asthma, neurocirculatory dystonia by hypotonic type, but they are especially prone to diseases of the digestive system, such as stomach ulcer, colitis, constipation or diarrhea.

These two types of people share a lot in common. They have a weak character and increased emotionality. Because of an incorrect assessment of the situation, distorted by an excess of feelings and emotions, they are unable to control themselves and circumstances.

How to strengthen the nerves of

Life is difficult now, all on nerves. Many of the nerves are nowhere. So I want to share the simplest recipe how to strengthen the nerves of : when watching TV in the evening, take a large walnut, put it between your palms and roll, pushing it so that it was nice. Then squeeze it in one hand, then in the other. Then, with your right hand, massage your left thumb and the left one with your right hand and rub your hands, as if you were washing them.

All this very calms and at the same time strengthens the nervous system. I do this daily, and my nerves are steel.

Can there be arthrosis of the hip joints on nerves?

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Causes of arthrosis of the hip joint
1. In 10-20% - injuries and microtraumas of the joint.
2. 20-30% - joint overload, or prolonged excessive load on the joint.
3. 10% - heredity and congenital anomaly of the head of the femur.
4. Extra weight: 5-10%.
5. Inflammation of the joints( arthritis): 2-3%.
6. Hip joint infarction: 10 to 30% of cases.
7. Hormonal changes in the period of the organism's age-related rearrangement.
8. Prolonged stress and prolonged excess experience: 30 to 50% of cases.
It is now clear to advanced scientists and physicians that one of the main reasons for the development of adverse changes in joints is prolonged nervous tension and chronic stressful condition of the patient.
During periods of prolonged stress and with prolonged experiences, there is a persistent increase in blood levels of corticosteroid "stressful" hormones. And physiologists and biochemists have recently proved that the excessive release of these hormones into the blood inhibits the production of hyaluronic acid, which is an important part of the joint fluid( "joint lubrication").And if the articular fluid becomes small, or if it becomes "inferior", drying articular cartilage occurs. Cartilage cracked and thinned - arthrosis occurs.
This process is exacerbated by the fact that an excessive amount of "stress" hormones in the blood leads to a decrease in the permeability of capillaries and to a worsening of the blood flow in damaged joints. A combination of chronic stress with the above unfavorable circumstances( overload of joints, trauma, heredity, etc.) leads to the fact that the articular cartilage gradually deformed and destroyed.
More details on the effect of chronic stress and negative feelings on joint health can be found in special medical reference books. The only thing about what these reference books do not say - what exactly negative emotions lead to damage of the hip joints. Working with such patients for many years, I have identified a number of patterns that I will gladly share with you.
Arthrosis of the hip joints are very often sick with pleasant ones, which almost never conflict with anyone and rarely express their displeasure to anyone. Outwardly they look very reserved. However, inside of them often violent passions are raging, which do not go outside.
As a result, restrained emotions, such as irritation, frustration( intimate dissatisfaction), anxiety or suppressed anger, trigger the release of corticosteroid hormones into the bloodstream and through them act on hyaluronic acid, which, as we have said, is the most important component of the joint lubricant.
In addition, the internal tension of the nervous system, as is known, affects the state of skeletal muscles - there is their spasm and hypertonicity. And since around the hip joints are particularly strong muscles, their spasm leads to the fact that these muscles "pinch" the damaged joint. As a result of prolonged muscle pressure, the clamped hip joint deforms and collapses even faster.
Of course, people unrestrained, emotional sometimes also suffer from arthrosis of the hip joints. But they get arthrosis more often because of "sorting out" of negative emotions, when exceeding a certain emotional "limit".In general, in an emotional person, weak points usually are other organs - the thyroid gland, heart, stomach, as well as back and respiratory organs. Hip joints in overly emotional people, with some exceptions, are damaged almost in the last place. After arthrosis of the hip joints, I repeat, most often is a disease of people who are used to restrain and suppress their emotions.
There is no one "exclusive" reason for all cases of coxarthrosis. In each case, it has its own, and most often the development of coxarthrosis is caused by a combination of two or three, and sometimes even more unfavorable factors.

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NO! !!!

can Dicko have a headache on his nerves?

Magazine MyJane

It is on this basis that it can hurt, be a consequence of chronic stress.
How to get rid of the headache

Nadegda Grafova

About how. Dressing on the head of a druzhgal aluminum, specifically helps

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of course can and it is on the nerves, I always hurts


can. So usually it happens
or it's dead. . nafik, or. . it will pass
better all at once forgive and get ready - usually helps

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zaprosto mozhet bolet '.Vypej paru tabletok Aspirina C i paru Anal'gina - doza, konechno, bol'shaya, no eto men'shee, chto ya obychno p'yu v takih setuaciyah.

Kulikova Elena Vitalievna

If you are at home, or in any case not at work, pour your head( hair and scalp) with as much hot water( as tolerable for you) and wrap in a terry towel, it should help! !Take care, do not be nervous! !!!

igory alendeev

Maybe. I have this happened more than once. Both from nerves, and from overstrain at work. The only way - to quickly deal with problems and relax.


Headache is a contraction of the muscles of the head. There is pain.


Can. It is necessary to drink lubricants!


Nomigren will help relieve the attack. Then try poprinimat Mildronat on 1 tab.twice a day for a month. Improves blood circulation in the vessels of the head, improves memory and vision. And put a handful of mint in the pillow.(you can buy at a pharmacy).

Can my back hurt?

Gala Galilevna

because of the nerves even die, and even about the sores generally keep quiet. .. the back can!maybe you have neuralgia. I personally with a not running version helps ophthalmic ointment, and of course do not have to be nervous if possible

Guy Kay

On the nerves, do not believe, there can be almost anything
If on n.etc. the back hurts, that, most likely still should hurt or be ill; be sick between ribs or a neck.
Ointment, often stretch your back, proper nutrition and less likely to listen to advisers from the Internet like me, for this there are doctors

Ivanov Alexey

Everything can be nervous.

I Nadia

of course can! At me often such: the back hurts, it is direct hooks! I go to the priest confess - then I treat the park like a butterfly!
on the impact of emotions and stresses written a lot of literature!for example Sinelnikov.he is very popular.


if the option of neuralgia, of course, you did not specify exactly where it hurts, and what exactly hurts. From the pinched nerves, to myalgia and neuralgia - everything can be

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