Remedy for pain in knee joints

How to get rid of knee pain

Pain in the knee can cause a lot of trouble to a person. They fetter movement and interfere with a full life. To cause pain can be a lot of different diseases. For full-fledged treatment and guaranteed relief from painful sensations, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe appropriate therapy. And at home, you can resort to simple folk recipes that will help alleviate the condition of the patient.

The main causes of pain

The knee is aching if a person has one of the following:

  • gonarthrosis - deformity of the knee joint due to destruction of the cartilaginous tissue;
  • meniscopathy - damage to the internal or external meniscus;
  • arthritis( rheumatoid, gouty, reactive, deforming, posttraumatic) - damage to cartilage, capsules, synovial membrane, which is the most common disease of the knee joint;
  • periarthritis - pathology of periarticular tissues;
  • tendenitis is an inflammation of the tendon in the knee;
  • bursitis is an inflammatory process in the synovial pouch;
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  • gout - deposition of sodium monoaurate in the joint;
  • Paget's disease - joint deformation and bone fragility caused by disruption of its formation processes;
  • fibromyalgia is a disease whose causes exactly are not yet clear to medicine, it is not accompanied by an inflammatory process;
  • osteomyelitis - purulent necrotic processes in the joint tissues and in the periarticular;
  • Baker cyst - popliteal or knee hernia;
  • infectious lesions of the joint;
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease - the appearance of a cone near the patella, causing painful sensations;
  • König disease is the separation of the cartilage and its free movement around the joint, which is why it hurts.

Because of the wide variety of causes that can cause pain in the knee, it is impossible to determine which disease caused pain in a particular case,

It is not necessary to treat a knee at home. But you can use folk remedies to take pain off for a while.

How to relieve pain in the knee folk methods?

The most affordable medicine that allows you to get rid of pain is an alcohol solution of iodine. To prepare the medicine you need to mix an equal number of ingredients and leave in a warm place for a day. When the solution becomes clear, it can be used to treat joints. The agent is rubbed into the skin at the site of the affected joint. Wrap or bandage the knee is not recommended.

Potato compresses

You can prepare several variants of medicines from potato for getting rid of joint pain. For example, it can be combined with kerosene. For medical purposes, it is recommended to use aviation kerosene. To one raw potato crushed with the peel add 1 tbsp.l.kerosene, which increases the flow of blood and reduces pain in the joints.

Potatoes help to get rid of joint pain

Compresses from the received mass should be applied to the knee before going to bed for 15 minutes every day. After the procedure, the skin is wiped dry and wrapped. You can treat the knee with kerosene for a week.

You can also prepare a mixture for a compress made from potatoes and horseradish. In equal proportions take the root of horseradish and raw potatoes, tinder on a fine grater. The resulting gruel is spread on the affected area with a thick layer, wrapped in a food film, wrapped and left for 40 minutes.

The mixture can be used 2 times. To do this, it must be removed from the knee, shifted into a glass container and left in a refrigerator under a tight lid. On the second day, the medicine is warmed up in a water bath and the procedure is repeated. The course of treatment is 6 days.

Available tools

One of the simplest ways to prepare a knee ointment is to mix 1 tsp.turpentine with 1 cider vinegar and 1 egg yolk. After applying the ointment, the knee is wrapped.

You need to use the ointment daily to achieve the desired result.

You can make an onion all night. For this, the bulb is cut into 2 parts. In the middle of each of them, cuts are made to drain more juice. The bulb is applied to the diseased knee and bandaged.

Calendula is ideal for removing puffiness. For treatment, you need to take a whole bush of calendula, boil it in water and attach it to the affected joint. Above is overlaid with gauze soaked in the resulting broth. The knee is wrapped in a food film and wrapped. These manipulations are performed 4 days in a row before bed.

Pine can also be used as an effective tool. To prepare the medicine, pour boiling water on the green pine branches and leave for a day. Then the medium is warmed up so that its temperature becomes 40-50 degrees. This means that the knees are washed. The procedure is carried out daily, each time you need to prepare a new decoction of fresh branches.

Their needles of pine can be prepared as an excellent remedy for joint pain

Compress of chamomile and elderberry also will help to cope with the pain. To prepare the medicine, pour boiling water over half a glass of elderberry and chamomile flowers. The mixture must be wrapped and left for 15-20 minutes. Then the broth merges, and to the knee are applied steamed grass, laid in a cloth or gauze pouch.

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It is not necessary to prepare preparations for compresses from plant components. Some of them can be applied to the diseased knee directly fresh leaves. So you can use burdock, horseradish and birch. Apply them several times a day.

A mixture that can be used as long as the pain does not subside, can be prepared on the basis of mustard powder and camphor oil. They need to be mixed in equal proportions. To the resulting mixture, add the egg yolk( 1 yolk per 100 g of the mixture).The resulting composition is applied to the knee, wrapped and left overnight.


Before bedtime, it is good to rub the knee with tincture of dandelion on triple cologne. To allow the anesthetic to have a noticeable effect, rubbing should be 40 days daily.

For grinding is suitable for infusion of elecampane. A half-liter of vodka needs 100 grams of elecampane. The mixture is infused for 3 days, then it is rubbed with a knee pre-lubricated with vegetable oil to prevent burns.

Traditionally, in the struggle with articular pains horse chestnut is used - an effective folk remedy. To prepare the medicine, it must be crushed and poured with vodka. For 1 bottle you need 300 g of chestnut. The mixture is left in a dark place for 2 weeks and shaken daily. Then, daily rubbed into the knees, before shaking. Do not filter the tincture.

Wash your knees with a tincture of a golden mustache: pharmacy or self-cooking

Efficient pepper tincture, for its preparation pods of bitter pepper finely cut and fill with half the volume of the glass container. The rest of the volume is filled with alcohol or vodka. Infuse the mixture for a week.

Additional methods for pain relief

In addition to compresses, rubbing and ointments, simple methods can be used to reduce pain in the knee joint. First of all, it is recommended to fix the joint in order to avoid unnecessary movements. To do this, patients wear knee pads, which increases the functionality of the joint and facilitates the independent movement of the patient. To reduce the load on the knee joint will help and orthopedic insoles.

Methods of physiotherapy( massage, warming, exercise therapy) will help in the fight against pain. Advise on specific methods that are best suited to each specific case, only a doctor can.

A very important point in the treatment of knee joints is the normalization of body weight, since overweight creates increased stress on the joint.

A cure for joint pain. The best ointments and pills for joint pain

Freedom of movement to our body is ensured by healthy joints. When they are afflicted by some disease or trauma, life can become a living hell, for physical suffering can be incredible. Therefore, it is so important to find a good cure for joint pain. Today the pharmacy chain sells a lot of ointments and pills for all occasions, but, unfortunately, not all of them are equally effective. But what is surprising about this, the reasons for the pain may be different, the incorrectly selected drug is not only unable to help, but it can often do harm. That is why the best ointment or pills - bought under the prescription of a doctor. In this article, we present to your attention a brief overview of drugs that can be used as a cure for joint pain, but before you start using one of them, it is best to consult a specialist.

What causes articular pain

Now we list a huge number of diseases in which strong pain sensations can occur in the knees, elbows, spine, etc., and you will understand why it is so difficult to independently choose medications that relieve joint pain. Arthralgia( joint pain) happens with:

1. Arthritis( rheumatoid, psoriatic, gouty, reactive, septic).

2. Various arthrosis( coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, etc.).

3. Bursitah( traumatic, diathesis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilitic).

4. Systemic diseases( systemic vasculitis, influenza, Bechterew's disease, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, Lyme disease, diffuse fasciitis, etc.).

5. Tumor diseases( myeloma, lymphoblastic leukemia, osteomyelitis, bone metastases).

6. Injuries( bruises, sprains, dislocations).

And this is not a complete list. There are other reasons that only an experienced doctor can understand.

Ointments and Gels

When there is a need to buy a cure for joint pain, the first thought that comes to your mind is to ask in the pharmacy some effective ointment. This is not without sense - for today the pharmacy industry produces a lot of beautiful outdoor products that help cope with articular pain. Here is the list for reference:

1. External non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • "Indomethacin Ointment";
  • "Ketonal";
  • "Nyz";
  • "Finalgel";
  • "Ibuprofen", etc.

2. Ointments with a warming and anti-inflammatory effect:

  • "Nikofleks";
  • "Capsin";
  • Popular balm "Asterisk";
  • "Espol";
  • "Finalgon";
  • "Capsicum", etc.

3. Ointments, in which the main component is salicylic acid and its derivatives;

  • "Viprosal";
  • "Ben-Gay";
  • "Bom-Benge";
  • "Efkamon";
  • "Nizvisal", etc.

4. Other popular products, including, for example, Dimexid ointment.

All of the above ointments and gels are effective enough and help to get rid of joint pain in a variety of diseases. Despite the fact that the external means are sufficiently safe, you must carefully read the instructions for their use, so as to not accidentally do yourself harm.


If the ointment for treatment is not enough, then you have to take more pills. Many of the titles that you read in the previous paragraph will be repeated in this. In the treatment of joint diseases are often used such tablets as:

  • "Ibuprofen".Analogues: Brufen, Bolinet, Nurofen, Reumafen.
  • Diclofenac. Analogues: Orthofen, Voltaren, Diklogen, Diclouran, Artorazan, etc.
  • Ketoprofen. Analogues: "Ketonal", "Knavon", "Artrozilen".

These drugs help with pain in the joints of the legs, hands and in various parts of the spine. But keep in mind that it is necessary to take all these medicines strictly according to the scheme indicated by the doctor, since if they are used incorrectly they can have a very negative effect on the body.


There are special drugs, the action of which is aimed at the regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue in the joints. Such drugs are called chondroprotectors. Very often they are used to treat various arthrosis, in particular from pain in the joints of the legs. After all, the cartilages of the hip and knee joints are the most susceptible to destruction. Here is the list of such tools:

  • "Chondroitin AKOS";
  • "Structum";
  • "Dona";
  • "Teraflex";
  • "Hondrolon";
  • Elbona;
  • "Artra".

All these drugs have two components - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. They are quite expensive, especially imported ones. The natural chondroprotector is gelatin. From the pain in the joints, resulting from the destruction of cartilaginous tissue, this remedy also helps in a number of cases. But it should be remembered that treatment should be comprehensive. Do not think that with the help of chondroprotectors alone, you can cure severe joint diseases.

Folk remedies for pain of joints

And what medicines for musculoskeletal system can offer folk medicine? There are many effective recipes. We offer you several of them:

1. Treatment with home-made ointment. The ointment is prepared as follows: yarrow herb( 2 tsp) and St. John's wort( 1 tablespoon) are taken, everything is crushed. On a water bath, petrolatum is melted( 1 tablespoon), the ingredients are mixed until a homogeneous ointment is obtained. Painful joints are rubbed with this ointment before going to bed.

2. Treatment with cabbage leaves. Folk remedies for pain joints are good because they are very inexpensive, and their components are almost always at hand. Here, for example, fresh white cabbage is a vegetable that can be found in any home. We take a crisp cabbage leaf, warm it slightly over fire, spread it with honey( a thin layer) and apply it to the diseased joint. Above, the cabbage-honey wrap is covered with cellophane and a warm kerchief, everything must be carefully fixed on the body. It is best to do this procedure at night. They say that after a couple of nights, the pain goes away without a trace.

3. Treatment with potatoes. We boil potatoes in uniforms, then we knead it right in the water where it was brewed. Next, you need to give time to everything to be properly settled. The starch will remain below, but on top there will be a medicinal infusion that needs to be poured into a separate container and taken 1/3 cup three times a day.

Additional measures

Even if you have found an excellent cure for joint pain, which is ideal for you, it will be superfluous to take several additional measures that will help the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system:

1. Try to get rid of excess weight. Excess kilograms overload the joints and contribute to their gradual destruction.

2. Ensure that the food is balanced to avoid salt deposits.

3. Give your joints a reasonable load, do gymnastics and recreational sports.

4. Try to protect the joints from injury. For this, wear comfortable shoes, always warm up before a load, do not take too heavy things, etc.

Errors in the treatment of

Without a properly established diagnosis, you can be treated for many years blindly and do not receive relief. For example, a person was recommended a good medicine for knee pain, which helped many who faced a similar problem. The patient begins to take it and at first seems to feel the dullness of pain. But afterwards the pain intensifies again. And the fact is that the treatment of the inflamed knee joint was carried out with the help of an expensive imported chondroprotector, unable to cope with the disease of this particular person.

Many simply drink cheap domestic gelatin from joint pain and are not treated any more, they start using warming ointments where non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are needed, stubbornly rely solely on folk medicine when urgently to take potent medicines, etc. There are many such examples. Meanwhile, time goes by and the disease takes root.


In order not to waste time and your own health, do not be lazy to apply to doctors - this advice we tirelessly publish in articles on various medications. We hope that you will be wise enough to use it. Health to you and your joints!

Similar treatment is quite common.

Physical exercises

Physical exercises are good for both prevention and pain relief in joints. Regular exercises increase the flexibility and strength of muscles and joints. They will help you feel better, reduce fatigue, reduce pain and help you move more. They also prevent the wear of the knee joint.

Cold or heat treatment

Relieve movement and temporarily ease pain in the knee joints by applying cold or heat:

  • cold compresses will reduce swelling and inflammation and can help with sharp exacerbations and severe pain of the knees;
  • thermal compresses help to increase blood circulation and help relax the muscles.

Reduce weight

The knee joints bear the entire load of the body and all the loads carried. By reducing your weight, you reduce the load on the joints and thereby relieve the pain. It is also useful and prophylactic to monitor your weight, since an increased load can cause illness.

Injection treatment

To temporarily relieve pain in the joints, injections of hyaluronic acid are produced, which is produced in healthy joints. Anesthetics such as cortisone are also used. After the administration of the drug, numbness of the knees occurs, which completely removes the pain.

Labor therapy and physiotherapy

Physiotherapists will help to develop a special exercise program that is right for you, and also tell you how you can treat the joint with warmth and massage. And experts in occupational therapy will talk about all sorts of devices that will help increase the height of the chair or toilet seat so that the joints of the knees are in the most comfortable position.

How to facilitate walking

In order to protect the joint from excessive loads, it is necessary to use a walking stick or other means that facilitate walking. For example, use orthopedic insoles, which serve to level and support the feet. Due to these properties, they reduce pressure on the knee joints.

Fixation devices

Often in case of joint disease, various fixation bands are used. They improve the mobility and functionality of the knees, and also reduce pain. There are two main types of fixation bandages:

  • supporting - supports the entire weight of the joint;
  • unloading - used when the disease is susceptible to one side of the joint and maintains weight exactly on the affected part.

But do not forget that bandages can relieve pain, but not treat.

Prohibited loads

There are several types of activities that must be avoided:

  • frequent climbing stairs;
  • sports loads such as running, aerobics, skiing;
  • exercises, in which the start and stop quickly alternate;
  • exercises with shock or torsional loads;
  • exercises providing for standing on the knees;
  • pushing or lifting weights;
  • seats in low chairs and low seating positions.

If, however, you can not avoid the load, then you need to alternate it with rest.

Psychological support of

Do not neglect psychological means. Do not hide your illness from friends and family members, tell them about your feelings. Meditate, try to maintain a positive attitude to life. You can join a support group for patients. Such measures will help to endure pain more easily.

How to treat joints with folk remedies

In non-traditional medicine, there are many recipes for the treatment of the knee joint. In addition, people can treat diseases with home remedies at home. This is the best solution when there is no possibility to consult a doctor. Such folk remedies are the recipes listed below.

If the cause of pain is the deposition of salts, then mix 50 ml of ammonia and 50 ml of iodine, then put in a warm place and insist for 24 hours. The ready mix is ​​rubbed into the joint, but in no case is it used for compresses.

To treat joints, you can apply this mixture: grate one potato and mix with a tablespoon of aviation kerosene. This mixture is applied to the inflamed part of the knee joint before going to bed every day. Hold for about 15 minutes, then wipe the knee dry and wrap with a warm cloth, preferably woolen. To relieve pain, usually 4-5 procedures are enough.

Treatment of folk remedies of the knee joint presupposes a recipe: grate 100 g.horseradish and 100 g of potatoes, mix. Ready mixture put on the surface of the knee joint thickness of 1 cm, cover with polyethylene and wrap with a warm cloth. Leave for 40 minutes. The mixture can be used twice, so it is carefully collected and stored in a refrigerator. Before the second application, the frozen gruel should be heated in a water bath.

Excellent folk remedies are the following ointments:

  1. Warming Ointment: beat egg yolk with a teaspoon of turpentine, gradually adding apple cider vinegar( no more than one tablespoon).Apply the ointment for the whole night.
  2. Soothing and relaxing mixture: mix 100 grams of vodka, 10 tablets of analgin( pre-ground), one vial of Valerian. It is insisted for three days, not forgetting to shake 3-4 times a day. It is used as a grinding for joints.

Common folk remedies for the treatment of joints are herbal recipes:

  1. Half a glass of chamomile flowers and elderberry flowers pour boiling water. Insist for about 15 minutes. Drain the infusion, squeeze the herbal mass, wrap it in tissue and attach it to the joint, wrapping it with a woolen cloth. To hold the hour. Pour homemade vodka or 100 grams of vodka.elecampane, insist 2-3 days. Lubricate the knee with sunflower oil, apply a compress with this infusion and wrap. Leave for 40 minutes.
  2. Pour a bottle of vodka 300 gr.chestnut fruit, previously shredded. Insist 2 weeks in a dark place, do not forget to shake every day. Unpretched tincture must be rubbed into the diseased knee and wrapped with a warm cloth.

Treatment with folk remedies is very effective and simple, as well as environmentally friendly.

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Joint pain medications - folk pain medication for the knee, shoulder, hands

If you think that there is nothing to be done with the pains in the joints of the hands and feet, you are wrong. The most common acute pain in the knee, then in the shoulder and hip, ankles, elbows and fingers. The exact cause can be diagnosed only by a doctor. To get rid of mild and chronic pain in the joints will help the following folk remedies.

1. Olive oil

Swallow it, get ready for an acute sensation in the back of the throat caused by the component of the oleocanthal. Studies have shown that oleocanthal prevents the production of two enzymes( COX-1 and COX-2) that cause inflammation. Their production also prevents non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Folk remedies with olive oil against migratory joint pain:
  1. Season salads, pastes, marinades, sauces and add them to the dough.
  2. Massage with oil inflamed joints, it will penetrate into the articular tissues.
  3. Use it for frying or broiling.

Precautions: 50 ml or 3.5 tbsp.olive oil act as a 200 mg ibuprofen tablet and contains 400 calories. Replace them with other fats, and do not add to the diet with other oils( creamy, sunflower).So you do not gain weight, reduce the load on the joints!

2. Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed is considered one of the super-products because of its high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as lignans. Lignans are useful compounds. Flaxseed oil relieves the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, lubricates, reduces stiffness and shooting joint pain, the mornings and at night. In it, a lot of alpha-linolenic acid is converted into EPA and DHA, and the same active ingredients that are found in fish oil. ALK omega-3 is necessary to maintain the structure of the cells and the functioning of the joints, plays an important role in the intake of anti-inflammatory substances, prostaglandins, in the blood. Flaxseed oil also contains magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, protein and zinc, which are important for reducing pain and inflammation. The recipe for an effective folk remedy:

It will take: 1-3 tablespoons of linseed oil with a high content of lignans.

Cooking Instructions:
  1. Take 1-3 tablespoons a day.
  2. For an instant effect, do not wait. It begins to appear after 1-3 months. Pain can not only decrease, but even disappear, depending on how the body reacts.
  3. Take oil regularly, its components will support the functioning of the joints.

Precautions : Flaxseed causes discomfort in the stomach, rash and breathing problems. If you take blood thinners or lower cholesterol, before you start taking linseed oil, consult your doctor.

3. Burdock root

In Japan, the root is prepared as a vegetable and is called "gobo".It is traditionally used in Europe, India and China as a medicine for pain in joints, with respiratory disorders, abscesses, problems with urination, for detoxification and purification. Burdock contains fatty oils of sterols and tannins( natural anti-inflammatory).Eat burdock root as a vegetable. The recipe for therapeutic tea:

It will be necessary: ​​

Folk medicine - treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, gout, joint pain with folk remedies

Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disease( more often, such arthritis is called polyarthritis).It can be a major disease or manifestation of another disease( eg, rheumatism).Occurs in acute and chronic forms with lesions of one or more( polyarthritis) joints. Causes of arthritis: infection, trauma, allergy, metabolic disorders, diseases of the nervous system, lack of vitamins. To inflammatory arthritis include: infectious arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout. Arthrosis and arthritis are the most common joint diseases. Progression of this disease is often the cause of disability.

People of all ages are ill with arthritis, especially middle-aged and elderly people. According to statistics, 80% of people over 65 years of age suffer from arthritis. Why does the disease occur?

Arthritis is characterized by pain in the joint, especially when moving, often there are limitations of its mobility, swelling, shape change. Arthritis can begin sharply( acute arthritis) or develop gradually( chronic arthritis).Arthritis can be either an independent disease or a manifestation of another disease( for example, in chlamydia( this is a sexual infection) the joints of the legs are often affected).The risk factors for genital arthritis include genetic( hereditary joint pathology, female sex) and acquired( smoking, overweight, joint injuries, professional and sports loads on the joints).The occurrence of inflammation of the joints is also promoted by allergies, infections, immunity disorders due to the transmitted infections, as well as metabolic and nutritional disorders of the joint. Early detection of the disease( especially when it comes to such a systemic, that is, affecting the entire body disease, like rheumatoid arthritis) can significantly reduce the harm that can be caused to joints and other tissues. Treatment of arthritis includes taking medications, physiotherapy, mud treatment, hirudotherapy, nutrition correction and surgical treatment.

Rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that occurs as a result of a malfunction in the functioning of the immune system, so that the body's defense system begins to attack and destroy its own tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis can first manifest itself after severe physical exertion, various stresses, during hormonal adjustment."Trigger hook" can serve and transferred virus infection( especially herpes-viral - herpes simplex, or infection with the Epstein-Barr virus, or viral hepatitis).This disease is characterized by high disability( 70%), which occurs quite early. Women get sick three times more often than men. The peak of the onset of the disease falls on 30-35 years, but in recent years, rheumatoid arthritis "grows younger" and even young children suffer from it. In the first stage of the disease there is swelling of the tissues around the joint, causing pain. These pains are often migratory in nature, that is, alternately, the joints hurt, but symmetrically( that is, "together" knee joints or joints on certain fingers or toes hurt).Then complaints begin about morning stiffness in the movements and similar symptoms at night, as well as pain, aggravated by movement. With the main symptoms of arthritis - pain and limitation of mobility of the joint( especially several joints) - it is worthwhile, without delay, to consult a doctor. By the third stage, the inflamed cells release an enzyme that affects the bones and cartilages, which often leads to joint deformity, increased pain and limited motor functions. As a rule, at first the disease proceeds slowly, with the gradual development of clinical symptoms for several months or years, is much less acute. About two-thirds of cases are manifested by polyarthritis, that is, the defeat of several joints at once. The more joints are affected, the more advanced the stage of the disease. Rheumatoid arthritis is often combined with other joint diseases - osteoarthritis, rheumatism, systemic connective tissue diseases. In addition to joint pain and mobility restriction, patients with rheumatoid arthritis may complain of fever, weakness, weight loss, appetite, depression, muscle pain, increased sweating. For a long time there was no method to establish that this type of arthritis is rheumatoid. Currently, the diagnosis of this disease is based, in addition to clinical signs, on the biochemical analysis of blood and the radiograph of the joints. In the biochemical analysis of blood, examine the COE, rheumatoid factor, etc. The most progressive and reliable analysis is the indicator of the amount of antibodies to the cyclic citrulline peptide( ACPC).

Treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, gout folk remedies:

Mixture "first aid" from joint pain.

Such a medicine should be in every home. Put in 1 tbsp.a spoonful of salt in 1 liter of water and stir. Separately, take 80-100 ml of 10% ammonia and pour in 10 g of camphor alcohol. Stir the mixture and combine with brine. There will be white flakes. Close the container with a lid and shake the vessel until the flakes disappear. The medicine is ready. To relieve the headache, warm the potion on a water bath, soak the whole head with it and tie the head for a night with a warm kerchief. With joint pain, make a lotion on the joint, put compress paper or cellophane on top, and wrap it. Gadgets can be done 2-3 times a day. Cheaply and efficiently.

Potatoes relieve the pain in the joints.

It is necessary to boil potatoes in a uniform, it is good to stretch it in water, in which it was cooked. Give a good rest. At the bottom there is starch, and on top - medicinal infusion. Carefully drain and drink 3 times a day for 1/3 cup. As a result: both pains are removed, and you can lose weight.

Cabbage from knee pain.

Take the cabbage leaf( with a knife slightly cut it), heat the sheet over the stove and quickly spread a thin layer of honey. Such a sheet is applied to the diseased joints. On the cabbage leaf, put a piece of cellophane, fix it with a bandage, and from above tie a warm handkerchief or scarf( tie it preferably at night).For 2-3 applications you will forget about the pain in the joints.

Chalk with yogurt from pain in the joints.

Take the chalk and grind it finely. Then add a little kefir. This gruel helps the sick joints, restores ligaments. Kashitsu put on the leg, on top of the package and a warm scarf. Keep the bandage all night. In a few days, my knees will stop ache.

Collect from arthritis.

Get rid of pain with a decoction of medicinal plants. Take the elderberry flowers, nettle leaves , parsley root and willow bark .All components are ground and mixed. Tip a tablespoon of the collection with a glass of boiling water. Put on the fire and boil for 5 minutes on low heat. Then leave to cool the broth. Take this broth should be 2 glasses a day. Drink a long decoction, a few months. But then you will feel the difference. It will get much better, arthritis will not bother anymore.

A mixture that perfectly cures arthrosis, arthritis at the initial stage.

This recipe is very effective at the initial stage of development of arthrosis, arthritis. Ingredients: vodka, ammonia, 6% vinegar, plain water. All components are taken in equal proportions. A swab dipped in a mixture rubs a sore leg, starting from the fingertips to the groin area. Then they lie on their backs, raise their legs 30-45 °, placing them on the pedestal, and massage the stagnant lymph fluid from the fingers to the inguinal area. You can also treat your hands in the same way.

Sabelnik from pain in the knees, with osteochondrosis, rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis.

100 g shredded sabelnik ( another name is decop)( dry stems) pour 1 liter of vodka and insist 21 days. Take 1 tablespoon per 50 ml of water 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. This same tincture should be rubbed into sore spots or made from it lotions. After each course of treatment - a break of 2 weeks. This plant heals slowly, but reliably. After two courses of treatment, this plant will feel a significant improvement, but continue treatment during the course of the year( with interruptions).Sabelnik will not let you down: pain and other unpleasant symptoms will disappear. After a long treatment about the illness you will forget.

Bee-seed from pains in the joints.

0.5 tbsp.bee submergent pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist in a dark place for 10 days, filter and rub before going to sleep in sore spots. Heat wrap. Do the procedure 10 days, then - a week break, and repeat the course.

A mixture of pain in the joints.

For pain in the joints, mix 10 ml of camphor alcohol and iodine with 10 tablets of powdered analgin and 300 ml of medical alcohol. Insist 21 days in a dark place. Rinse the sore spots several times a day until the pain disappears. Nettle from pains in the joints.

Mixed with honey, nettle seed for long-term use cures neglected joint diseases. In order not to increase the blood clotting greatly, add the sweet grass of the sweet clover to the nettle seed. The Donnik should be 1/6 of the nettle volume.

Ointment for pain in joints.

Take 1 tbsp. Hypericum sprout of St. John's wort and 2 teaspoons of grass yarrow .Grind all herbs in powder. Ointment should be prepared on a regular petroleum jelly. It should be about 1 tbsp.spoons. Put Vaseline on a water bath, wait until it melts and mix it with herbs. Mix everything thoroughly to make a homogeneous viscous ointment. Rub her sore spots before going to bed. This ointment brings relief.

Herbs from pain in the joints.

Prepare an ointment from honeycomb flowers, hop cones , St. John's wort flowers perforated. To prepare the ointment, take 2 tbsp.spoons of each of the plants( pre-grind), mix them with 50 g of butter and carefully grind. The mixture should be applied to a clean cloth and applied to the joint, covered with polyethylene and a warm scarf on top. Hold 1-1.5 hours. Treatment is long enough, but reliable - the pain passes and does not return, if not interrupt treatment. Yolk and wax from pain in the joints.

For pain in joints, mix and warm in a water bath 1 yolk, 1 tbsp.honey and a piece of beeswax the size of a matchbox. The received ointment in a hot kind put on a linen fabric and attach to a sick joint for the night. It works very well.

Tincture is bought from pain in the joints.

Tincture of the roots bought on alcohol used inside and in the form of analgesic rubbing with radiculitis, rheumatism, joint diseases, gout. Tincture is prepared with 70% alcohol.100 g of the root of the burbot pour a liter of alcohol, insist 20 days. Tincture bought the need to drip into the water, rose hips or green tea. They take tinctures in the morning and in the afternoon for 10 drops for 2 weeks. She rubs sore spots.

Treatment of arthrosis, arthritis and other joint diseases.

1. It is necessary to take 500 g of lemons and celery , chop the meat grinder and add 500 g of honey. All mix well and insist in the refrigerator 3-5 days. To consume 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day for 15 minutes.before meals. Take the mixture without interruption until it is over. Then take a break for 2 weeks and repeat the course.

2. And make a tincture. Take 100 g of ground roots dogrose , pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist 3 weeks, often shaking. Drink 1 tbsp.l.3 times a day for 30 minutes.before meals. Drink everything without a break, and after 2 weeks, repeat the same course. First, start to take the composition, and then, as the tincture is ready, attach it. But make a 15-minute break between the methods of these funds.

3. Simultaneously it is necessary to do compresses. Mix 3 tbsp.l. oregano and mint peppery, 4 tbsp each.l. balm and heather , 1 tbsp.l. seeds of .Take 3 tbsp.l.such a mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and insist the night, well wrapped. In the morning strain, squeeze and mix with a glass of black poplar tincture. Of course, tincture must be prepared in advance: 50 g of ground poplar buds pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist 2 weeks, more often shaking. In this composition, it is necessary to wet gauze and put in 2 layers on a sore spot. From above - cellophane, something warm wrap and so sleep the night. Do compresses no more than 14 days, every other day, at night. And the other night is another compress. Take 100 g of internal pork fat, 1 tbsp.l.turpentine pharmacy, dry plantain leaves , and motherwort herbs .Grass to grind on a coffee grinder. Mix well, hold for 2 hours in a warm oven and then insist in the warmth even the night. And apply this compress at night on a sore spot. Also do it every other day, just 14 days.

Mummy from pain in the joints.

100 g of liquid honey mixed with 0.5 g of mummy. Do compress at night and take in the morning for an hour before meals to 0.2 g. The course of treatment 10 days with a 3-day break. Ingestion of 6 g per course. For the full course of treatment: 2-3 courses.

Lilac from joint pain.

For compresses for pains in the joints and lower back, prepare a tincture of flowers: 1 tbsp.lilac flowers pour 0.5 liters of vodka, soak two weeks and strain. For the same purposes, you can prepare an ointment( 2 tablespoons fresh flowers to grind with 2 tablespoons butter or Vaseline).

Lilac, dandelion and chestnut for pains in the knees.

Prepare the tincture: in a half-liter jar( up to the top) fold in equal quantity:

blue lilac flowers, dandelion flowers and chestnut colors and pour with vodka, insist 14 days in a dark place. We make compresses on the diseased knees: moisten a rag in the tincture, put it on your knee, on top - cellophane and wrap it with a large rag. Compresses do at night. Two compresses are enough to get rid of the pain if the disease is long-standing. Turpentine from pains in the feet.

For the treatment of joints you need to mix 100 g of turpentine and vodka and add 2-3 tablespoons.sunflower oil. Before going to bed, moisten a piece of gauze in the prepared mixture, squeeze and wrap the feet to the bones. On the cheesecloth, stretch the p / e packages of packages, then woolen socks and sleep. In the morning, take off, and in the evening repeat. After 6 procedures for a long time you will forget about the pains in the feet.

Recipes of the Austrian physician Rudolf Brois


Razirka from pains in the joints.

Scratch this compound sick places 1-2 times, you immediately feel better, the pain will go away. A bottle of triple cologne( green), an iodine bottle, 10 tablets of analgin( grind), 6 large leaves of three-year aloe( squeeze out the juice from aloe).Mix everything, insist 10 days in a dark place. Rub this knee, lower back, hands.

Buds ivy( cats) perfectly cures arthrosis.

This is a very radical remedy for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The course of treatment is about a month. Overdose is not recommended. With rheumatoid arthritis, which take place with a strong temperature increase, swelling of the joints, skin hyperemia, a mixture is used: crescent, root - 10 g, Licorice, root - 25 g. Mix the boiled mixture with boiling water, wrap, strain, drink hot. For 200 ml of boiling water - one tablespoon of dry mixture, it is desirable to add honey and 0.1 g of mummy( half of wheat grain).The broth should be taken regularly one hour after meals and at night. Usually, after a month, all the symptoms of this serious illness go away. If, after the expiration of this period, there are still residual events, without interrupting the course of treatment, continue taking the decoction for another 10 days( a total period of 40 days).

Strawberries in the treatment of gout, arthrosis.

Leaves and berries of strawberries in fresh and dried form promote the excretion of salts from the body, so they are especially useful for gout, arthrosis. Berry and grass strawberries are taken without special dosage. It is convenient to add grass to every tea brew. It is advisable to add there a teaspoon of dried St. John's wort. On the teapot( 300 ml) put three teaspoons of tea, one tablespoon of leaves of strawberries and one teaspoon of St. John's wort. Pour the mixture with boiling water, insist 5 minutes and drink, diluted with boiling water, but without milk.

For the cleaning of joints from salts with joint diseases there are such recipes:

  • One of the safest and softest options for purification from salts is hot water. It is necessary every morning on an empty stomach to drink a little more than half a glass of hot water with small sips. The process is long, but effective.
  • Well cleanses from the salts a decoction and infusion of cranberry leaves. Only in this case it is necessary to drink potassium orotate( 1 tablet 3 times a day for 1 hour before meals or 4 hours after meals), because together with salts, potassium is excreted from the body. A cowberry infusion should be drunk in two ways: half the morning half an hour before meals, the second half - before bed. Course - 2 months.
  • 5 g of crushed laurel leaves pour boiling water( 300 ml) and boil for 5 minutes on low heat with the lid open, to volatilize the essential oils that irritate the kidneys. Then put the water together with the leaves in a thermos( right from the fire), infuse for 4 hours. Dilute the solution, and drink in small sips, distributing the entire amount for 12 hours( do not drink immediately - you can cause bleeding).Repeat this procedure for 3 days. If possible, take a bath with oat straw( hay), or twigs of needles and magnesium salt. During all days of reception of broth of laurel leaves it is necessary daily to be cleared by enemas that leaving slags have not caused allergic reactions, and also to do contrast water and air baths. After 3 days, take a break for a week. Then repeat the procedure for another 3 days. But baths and natural food - without a break. In the case of constipation of the enema should be done and during the interruption in treatment. The first year should be cleared joints 1 time in 3 months, then - once a year after cleaning the intestines and liver.
  • Prepare a potato broth: 1 kg of uncleaned tubers of potatoes, rinse, cut together with the skin into small pieces, pour 3 liters of boiling water( the dishes should be without scale so that foreign bodies do not get into the body), simmer after simmer for 1 hour and 20 minutes, then wring out and strain. The broth is prepared without salt. You need to drink it 3 times a day for 1-2 glasses for 40 days. During the cleaning of joints, it is advisable to adhere to the principles of separate food or go to vegetarian food.

If you have a proven folk recipes for the treatment of joint pain( arthritis, arthrosis), write. Thank you in advance.

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