What to do if your fingers ache from the guitar

From the game on the guitar, my fingers hurt( I bought a guitar yesterday) When will my fingers stop hurting?

Victor Gonyaylo

I remembered the words from the old song of Alexander Dolsky about the guitar:
Orchestra of vagabonds and wanderers -
In appearance, both easy and obedient.
The fingers of
are exhausted to the blood. Those who have comprehended your soul. ...
Yes, at first all fingers ache. If you want to learn how to play - be patient!
However, these sufferings can be somewhat eased: buy a good tool, sharpen the bottom of the pins, so that the strings were not too high above the neck, and if the zero fret is missing, then the grooves on the upper flange( see do not overdo it, otherwise they will jingle!), Usenylon strings( they are softer than steel), well, and play not too long at a time, otherwise study will turn into hard labor and all desire to learn will be lost.
Good luck!

of the

as soon as the mazols increase.

jura dialects

when you stop playing

Olga Alexandrovna

when you stop playing! !


oi ne skoro daragoi

Dark Gabriel

It is no longer possible to get sick when the calluses are formed on the fingers - thick skin. Then it will not hurt either. The more you play, the faster your fingers get used to.

Ulyanov Alexei

when you learn to learn! !!


After 3-4 weeks( depending on what strings, how much you play, the structure of fingers, etc.)

Elena Tolobova

It will be ill for a long time, about a month. In the morning, the stretching must be done, and the pads will get used. ...


for a long time will be ill, and the strings will be lowered. .. you play, play!calluses will, then cease to hurt, last year it was)


do not joke with arthritis

Zheltyshev Sergey

You learn how to put the chords correctly - do not put pressure on the strings, but press them, learn how to properly build the guitar, then stop. I was ill about a year. I played every day for three hours.


With the right setting of the fingers, it will hurt on both hands. Good luck!

Anna Dianova

on the fingers, where they come into contact with the strings, eventually grow corns and the pain will pass. If you quit, the calluses will come off( though this is not a very fast and pleasant process, both in that and in the other direction - believe the former guitarist)

Oleg Strukov

Try first without strings.

Alla Konstantinova

huh! I've got my fingers broken at last, while I'm waiting for it to get back to normal))


it hurts still that
won Harrison, for example, generally wiped out the blood, but did =)
good luck and patience with perseverance =)

How to avoid cornson the fingers while playing the guitar? ???


And why should they be avoided? On the contrary, the sooner you have them the better. It is much more convenient to pin chords, etc. At first they hurt, but it is necessary to play through the force. And how they will appear you do not feel the strings. Through it all pass. I myself began to learn to play only this year and also went through it.


no way. .. they will, no matter how hard you try.may be slightly less when playing on nylon strings

Maxim Markov

They can not be avoided, but it's not so bad. Fingers will poboljat, and will pass or take place. And in the future it will help

Tatiana Antonova

can not be avoided, but eventually corns will become hard and will not hurt, this will make the sound cleaner. Do not forget about calluses, when you will give blood from your finger, substitute your right hand!

Irina Osipova

You can do it;-) All these corns in the beginning!

Fingers hurt when playing the guitar(

Alexander Kadatsky

My friend! It's better to consult a doctor with such things! I've been playing guitar for 6 years and nothing! But if there are such problems, go to the doctor!


So you play little, so the fingers hurt, you need to develop the motor skills of your fingers, do exercises, constantly, even being on a bus or tram, finger busting. I also had a pain in my fingers when I was learning to play the piano.


you are too hard pressed the strings to the neck.add a little bit of virtuosity and disintegration ** of the

Anatoly B.

, it's not right to put your fingers up and hurt, the beginners usually have small pads of the fingers that hurt until the corn is formed, it's necessary to tighten the strings gently or fretting the guitar.

Igor Buchakov

As an option -the strings are thinner! A virtuoso like Malmsteen - played for 12 hours a day, and when the fingers started to hurt, he pasted them with adhesive tape and played on)

what to do if your fingers hurt while playing the guitar?

what to do if you hurt your fingers while playing the guitar?
For any type of exercise your body requires addiction.will take a month and you will see for yourself

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? v = bMA2qrLjeko
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