Gout and alcohol both combine

Eggplant use for gout

Gout occurs due to a violation in the body of the balance of uric acid that accumulates when the kidneys work improperly in the form of crystals under the skin, in the liver, in the joints. Then this acid with the blood flow is carried to all organs, where it is difficult to remove. This leads to a violation of metabolism, heart failure and gout disease.

gout symptom

In this article, we will talk about how to treat gout with a proper diet, in particular, about what are useful eggplants for gout.

Causes of gout

One of the reasons for increasing the content of uric acid is the presence in the diet of protein-rich foods, such as eggs, fish, meat. Drinking alcohol is also a factor that affects its excess. Earlier, gout was considered a "disease of the rich," as only people with wealth could afford adequate nutrition, which was the main impetus to the disease. During the Second World War, with massive malnutrition, almost no gout occurred. It is noted that men are more prone to joint disease( compared to the female sex, 7-8 times).

The course of the disease

A typical attack of gout is often manifested in the joints of the lower limbs. There is a scientific explanation for this: since the legs are furthest from the heart and their temperature is lower than the rest of the organs, the process of crystallization of uric acid occurs in them.

Often attacks occur in the morning in the form of a flash of severe pressing pain in the damaged swollen joint, over which redness and focal temperature increase are noticeable. Weakening by the day the pain is closer to the night again increases. This lasts from a few days to a month. Regularly repeated seizures are able in the future to disrupt cartilage joint tissue, which will lead to the formation of specific sites for this disease.

Testing of ESR in the

Assays For the correct diagnosis, the physician examines the ESR( erythrocyte sedimentation rate) in parallel with the uric acid level. An X-ray picture shows damaged tissue sites located near the joint. Acceleration of erythrocyte sedimentation during the analysis reports the presence of some inflammatory processes in the body. And the growth of ESR changes depending on the aggravation of the process. The rate of ESR for men is 1-10 mm / hour, for women - 2-15 mm / hour.

Treatment of gout

food for gout

With a sharp attack of gout, the use of analgesic and
antiflgistic drugs prescribed by a specialist will initially help. In passing, you need to follow a diet with low purine content. To improve the condition, a significant change can be made by changing the menu. In a week, meat is allowed 200-300 g, boiled and lean. Meat can be used for cooking steamed cutlets and meatballs. From the diet you need to exclude salt( maximum 0.5 teaspoon) and heavy fats( porcine and lamb), preventing the removal of uric acid. Allowed vegetable and butter. Regardless of body weight, gout patients once a week need to spend unloading days: curd, dairy, fruit and vegetable. On such days from the liquid you need to drink only tea and mineral water, preferably non-carbonated.

Recommended diet

It is required to reduce the eggs in the diet, to completely remove the products containing an increased amount of nucleic acids, of which the purines are: fish, meat, offal. More toxic than fish and meat are coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, containing in its composition such a substance as xanthine( intermediate product of purine bases exchange, turning into uric acid).This substance contributes to the occurrence of gout, kidney disease, skin, blood, arthritis, rheumatism, migraines.

During the course of this disease, you need to monitor the diet, which must contain food, poor in purines. It is recommended to eat foods such as:

• vegetables: pumpkin, onions, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, beets, eggplant;
• fruit;
• berries( special attention should be paid to garnet, which can not be used in case of illness);
• Citrus;
• cheese, cottage cheese - low-fat varieties;
• milk;
• eggs;
• cereals and flour products;
• porridge( preferably buckwheat);

• Freshly squeezed, berry or fruit juices. Undesirable garnet in the form of juices;

Alcohol for gout

Most alcoholic beverages contain almost no purines( except for beer), but it makes it difficult to remove uric acid from the body, which increases its level and causes deposition in the form of crystals, especially in the joints.

Eggs with gout

Eggs are not rich in purine substances in their composition, but there are limitations to gout for their use. Because of the content of cholesterol and cystine in the kidneys, stones are formed. Therefore, eggs should be used only for cooking and not more than one per day.

Pumpkin with gout

A valuable product for patients is the pumpkin, which, like pomegranate, has a regulating effect on the digestive system and metabolic processes. Pumpkin enhances the function of kidney filtration. Dishes, in which there is a pumpkin, prevent the formation of urate stones.

Pomegranate for gout

Separately I would like to say about garnet - an ancient fruit, symbolizing prosperity and well-being. Garnet and to this day opens new useful properties. Freshly squeezed juice helps to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood;drink it only in small sips and through the tube to avoid damage to the enamel of the teeth. Pomegranate, or rather its juice, is not recommended for use with gastritis, constipation, hemorrhoids, gout.

Significantly improve appetite and relieve parasitic infections dried and powdered pits of this product. Pomegranate, like pumpkin, is used for chest pains, jaundice, diseases of the spleen;treats food poisoning, colds of the throat, diarrhea. Pomegranate in the form of a decoction of crusts used in the treatment of periodontitis and stomatitis, and dried internal septa help with depression and nervous breakdowns.

Eggplant benefits for gout

Eggplants are fruits of rich purple color with unique healing properties. Contain a number of minerals: potassium, copper, iron, vitamin C, B, contribute to the normalization of cardiac activity and the preservation of acid-base balance. It is advisable to eat eggplant in a disease such as gout, as they contribute to the removal of uric acid, while lowering the level of cholesterol in the body.

Caviar from zucchini and eggplant

For its preparation it is required to bake in the oven and peel zucchini and aubergines( 250 g each), after which their flesh finely chopped. Separately, shred cabbage 120 grams, cut 2 -3 carrots and 2 onions. All this is put out with tomato in vegetable oil. In this mass, add eggplant and zucchini and, stirring occasionally, simmer for another 10-15 minutes. Season with salt( preferably herbal spices), pepper and vinegar. Serve cold or hot.
Stewed Eggplant

Cut eggplants in slices, sprinkle with salt and leave for 30 minutes. Form the resulting juice, cut the vegetables into cubes and put them on low heat in vegetable oil, along with crushed carrots and onions. Salt is undesirable, it is better to use herbal, spicy seasonings. To this dish boiled potatoes or buckwheat are perfect.

Eggplant juice

It is necessary for gout to drink before meals three times a day for half a glass of juice obtained from a young eggplant( without peel) by rubbing and squeezing it.

Eggplant infusion

Celeben will be a curative infusion, for which peeled and cut into small cubes of eggplant brew in 250 ml of boiling water, and then put in a water bath for 30 minutes and strain. Drink 3-4 times a day before meals for half a glass as a good cholagogue.

Dried eggplant
Cut into small slices, dry for a few minutes in the oven, then hang on a string in a dry and cool place.

Eggplant as an external medicine
Dried eggplants steamed in boiling water. Wipe a sore solution( 0.5 liters of boiling water 1 teaspoon) with a sore spot and attach an eggplant to it, tied a warm scarf or handkerchief around your leg. So withstand about 3 hours, after which the sore spot is wiped with cold water and greased with vegetable oil.


Optimal nutrition for gout

This menu is very useful for the patient and helps reduce the risk of attack The consumption of useful food for the body in the required quantities is the basis for the prevention of various ailments. Malnutrition with gout is one of the leading causes of its complications, which doctors and patients themselves admit. If the patient does not exclude prohibited foods from his diet, it can cause aggravation and acceleration of destructive processes in the joints.

What products can you eat? How correctly to make the menu at a gout? Before answering these questions, it is necessary to understand what can not be strictly eaten with gout and arthritis. Treatment of this ailment is a long process. The priorities of therapy are the removal of the pain syndrome and relief of a sudden onset of an attack.

Which products are prohibited by

Almost everyone knows how the fats of animal origin affect the human body. But many people with gout do not rush to exclude them from their diet. But this is what can cause the disease progression.

So, for this disease, you can not use:

  • Fatty fish is prohibited in the patient

    Fatty fish is prohibited in the menu of the patient


  • alcohol;
  • spices( excluding vinegar and bay leaves);
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • fungi;
  • fat.

As statistics show, gout exacerbations often begin when the patient begins to eat incorrectly, allowing himself to eat fatty fish, meat, lard. You can not drink alcohol with gout, but not every patient observes this rule. Alcohol, like fatty foods, delays excretion of uric acid salts and their deposits from the body.

With gout, the body is weakened, while alcohol practically leaves no chance to resist the disease. Alcohol, even in very small quantities, can provoke a sudden attack of gout. Moreover, the pain symptoms in this case will last much longer and manifest themselves more strongly. In this case, drugs can not effectively repay them, since alcohol in the human body will prevent the effects of medications. What will be the result of drinking alcohol? Acceleration of the process of deposition of uric acid salts and general intoxication of the body.

Sausage and smoked meat are very dangerous for gout, as does table salt. Mushrooms are useful products in a number of diseases, because they contain microelements necessary for humans. But gout is not allowed. What kind of spice can I use when preparing diet food? Which of the seasonings to choose? Only bay leaf and vinegar. If gout occurs against the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vinegar and acetic water can not be used when preparing food.

A patient should exclude from his diet any canned food. Spoiled yourself with sprats? Wait for gout exacerbation. Salted and hot cheeses can also cause it to worsen. Pulses, coffee, tea, beer, meat broths can provoke complications. Any overeating with gout is fraught with the fact that it can provoke an attack which, if the diet is disturbed, is further aggravated by additional complications.

With an exacerbation of gout, the list of products that can be consumed by the patient is further reduced. It is also necessary to know that the recipes of dishes that prepare gout, in no case should provide for the frying of ingredients.

What is useful for gout?

Nutrition for gout depends not only on the stage of the course of the disease, but also on the concomitant diseases. On the question of how to properly make a menu and what scheme to choose food, the most accurate answer will give a rheumatologist, gastroenterologist and nutritionist. There are such products for gout, which are allowed to consume, but only in limited quantities.

For gout, the following products will be useful:

  • any vegetables( except spicy and cauliflower);
  • greens( except sorrel, spinach, celery);
  • various fruits( especially citrus fruits);
  • low-fat dairy and sour-milk products;
  • eggs( quail and chicken);
  • honey;
  • porridge;
  • vegetable oil.
Vegetable menu - the basis of the patientNutrition in this disease can include a small amount of fish or meat. Recipes for cooking boiled poultry are very simple. In some cases, a pumpkin is added to it, which helps to improve digestion. This vegetable is often recommended to include in the diet for diseases of the joints. Pumpkin, like tomatoes, improves digestion, promotes the excretion of uric acid from the body. With exacerbation of gout, pumpkin and tomatoes from the diet are not excluded.

It is generally believed that people suffering from gout should not be limited in consumption of tomatoes. But if the patient has certain violations in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, a large number of these vegetables will provoke an exacerbation of stomach diseases. Recipes for dishes, for cooking which requires a lot of greens, patients with gout should be excluded. However, all kinds of dill can be consumed.

How to be with butter and milk? On the one hand, they are needed by the body, on the other - can aggravate gout. How to use these products correctly? When the disease is exacerbated, milk and butter can not be eaten. In the remission phase, they are allowed as additional to useful products. Kashi - the basis of proper nutrition of people suffering from gout. Recipes for these dishes include the addition of butter or milk. During the period of acute gout, porridge is prepared on the water.

Vegetable soup as the basis of the gouty menu Vegetable soups are a real miracle cure for gout. Vegetables can be combined, combining with cereals and pasta, which brings a variety in the patient menu. Once a week, it is necessary to arrange a fasting day, during which to consume only one product. Disputable is the question of whether or not to arrange such unloading in the period of exacerbation of the disease. Many doctors assure: during the attack of gout, there is no question of any unloading day, such food will weaken the organism even more and will not bring the desired therapeutic effect.

Proteins are required for the human body in any disease. Which product to choose to meet this need and not to cause harm to health? Egg. You need to know: every day you can eat only one egg, otherwise the body's protein will trigger the release of a large portion of uric acid in the blood.

Black and white breads are very useful for gout. Seeds and nuts - too. What kind of apples do you prefer to gout? Experts advise choosing those apples whose peel is green.

Seafood helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the body. With this task, squid is doing fine. Salad recipes, where squids are combined with various vegetables and sea cabbage, should be chosen carefully. Which one is right for you? Only one where there is no greens, seasonings and requires a small amount of vegetable oil.

Use of mineral water

Mineral water must be in the diet of a person suffering from gout. In a day the patient should drink an average of 2.5 liters of water, but only if he does not have chronic kidney disease. And you can drink as boiled or mineral water, and juices, decoctions, compotes, green tea.

If you pour boiling water on the dog-rose or dried fruit and let them brew in the thermos, you will get an excellent compote, in which the maximum of vitamins is stored. When gout boiling water poured medicinal herbs to get useful infusions. What kind of ingredients to choose for this infusion, the phytotherapeutist will recommend.

Mineral water is an equally popular remedy. It differs in the location of the source and composition. To treat gout, you must use slightly alkaline water. The label contains all the necessary information. It is best to choose mineral water "Essentuki No. 17", "Narzan" or "Borjomi".All of them are freely sold in any pharmacy. But you should use only that mineral water, which the doctor will recommend.


Food for gout: food and alcohol

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how to treat gout with folk remedies?

Admirers of alternative medicine know perfectly well how to treat gout with folk remedies. Patients are recommended to eat grated carrots daily with a spoonful of sunflower oil. You can also prepare such a folk remedy for gout: combine the chopped onions, garlic and cranberries, insist the mixture for 24 hours and season with a spoonful of honey. Take three times a day for 1 teaspoon.

In order to cure gout, you can use ointment from gout, which is easy to make at home from unsalted butter, camphor and beer. A pack of butter is melted on low heat, carefully remove the formed foam and pour into a warm mass of 70 g of "live" beer in a thin trickle. In the last turn, add 50 g of camphor. The resulting ointment is applied to the joints daily at bedtime for ten days.

Other treatment with folk remedies on the legs: rubbing the joints with antimony alcohol with water, applying to the sore spot gruel from boiled turnips or radish juice. Relief brings ointment from Vaseline and powdered buds of black poplar.

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How to reduce gout in the house.conditions?

Physical blockage Gout is a metabolic disorder characterized by an increase in the level of uric acid in the blood and the deposition of its salts in the joints and in the kidneys. This disease affects mainly men, with the salt most often deposited in the big toes, knees or feet. Emotional blocking If the big toe is struck, gout is a sign that a person wants to rule, but does not give himself that right. Very often such a person seems to be not at all powerful, but only because his power is manifested in a roundabout way. Gout can talk about lack of flexibility and even stubbornness in relation to the future, and also about aversion to someone or something. Mental blockage This disease, which is considered a type of arthritis, tells you to relax, become yourself and at least allow yourself to exercise your authority at least once. Do not pretend all the time. Think about how your fear of the future can be unreasonable, and allow yourself to talk about it. Read also the description of ARTHRITIS.Zenslimim Artro is very helpful in eliminating gout.

The pathogenetic basis of gout development is inflammation. In the interaction of sodium monoaurate crystals with endothelium, lining cells and leukocytes, inflammatory cytokines are synthesized, a cascade of inflammatory processes is triggered."Zenslim Arthro" has a quick anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and persistent, restoration of damaged tissues.

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Sweet juices and carbonated drinks develop gout in women

New analysis has found that frequent consumption of orange juice, carbonated and other drinks high in sugar fructose, can increase the small risk of gout in middle-aged women and older women. Gout is a painful form of arthritis caused by the intake of too much uric acid in the blood, reports Myhealthnewsdaily.com.

In women who participated in the analysis, who drank two or more servings of these drinks per day, the risk of gout was twice that of women who drank sugary drinks and juices no more than once a month.

Gout is a relatively rare disease among women, but the abuse of such drinks makes it fairly common. Nevertheless, this is the first analysis linking sweet drinks and sweetened fruit juices with the risk of developing gout in women. The previous study found such a connection in men.

The analysis was published in November, in the 24th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association and was presented on November 10 at the American College at the annual scientific meeting of Rheumatology.

Gout occurs when the levels of uric acid in the blood become too high, and uric acid crystallizes around the joints, causing inflammation, swelling and pain. Food that can increase levels of uric acid in the blood includes organ meats( such as kidney and liver), asparagus and mushrooms, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fructose, according to researchers, is also known for increasing uric acid levels in the blood.

Although gout is not a common disease in the United States, the incidence rate has more than doubled over a 20-year period, from 16 cases among 100,000 Americans in 1977 to 42 cases among 100,000 people in 1996.During this period of time, researchers noted that people actively consumed large amounts of carbonated and other drinks sweetened with fructose.

In the new analysis, 78,906 women were studied for 22 years, from 1984 to 2006.At the beginning of the analysis, none of the women suffered from gout. In the end, the development of the disease was observed in 778 people.

Women who drank one serving of soda per day were 1.74 times more likely to develop gout than those who drank no more than one serving per month. Those who drank two or more servings a day were at a risk of developing the disease 2.4 times more.

Drinking orange juice also increased the likelihood of a disease. Women who drank one serving of orange juice a day had 1.41 times more chances to get sick with gout, and those who drank two or more servings - more than 2.4 times.

The increase in gout cases from observations of scientists is due to changes in lifestyle and nutrition, as well as an increase in diseases associated with gout, such as metabolic syndrome. Researchers recommend reducing fructose intake to prevent the development of gout.

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What is a gout attack and what should I do?

The attack can develop suddenly, usually at night. Most often, the big toe is affected, which becomes red, painful and hot. Other joints may also be involved.

The Zenslime Arthro is able to remove uric acid from the joints, reduce swelling, and prevent the deposition of uric acid in the joints. It is recommended to reduce body weight if it is redundant. If you suffer from hypertension or have high cholesterol in your blood, take Zenslim Arthro, avoid drinking alcohol and eating rich purines.

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How can gout attacks be prevented?

Zenslim Arthro has a preventive effect against gout. Zenslimim Artro is able to excrete uric acid from the joints, reduce swelling, and prevent the deposition of uric acid in the joints. It is recommended to reduce body weight if it is redundant. If you suffer from hypertension or have high cholesterol in your blood, take Zenslime Arthro, follow a diet with a reduced amount of salt and fat. Avoid drinking alcohol and food rich in purines. Drink plenty of liquid, this will help remove uric acid from your body.

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What happens if I do not take Zenslim Arthro for gout?

If you do not take Zenslim Arthro, the attack can last many days and even weeks. With more attacks, the number of affected joints may increase, and seizures will be longer. If there are no seizures for many years, tofu can appear.Тофус is a swelling of soft tissues, which appears due to the deposition of uric acid. Tofusy usually formed on the fingers and toes, elbows and auricles. With gout, kidneys often suffer, urolithiasis can develop. Over time, the bone in the affected gout may collapse. Zenslim Arthro removes the causes of gout. Meaning you do not know the word Tofus.

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gout. How to cure?

Gout is a malnutrition disease. It is treated, but it is difficult and long. We recommend Zenslim Arthro.

The main task of Zenslime Arthro is to restore metabolism( metabolism), eliminate systemic inflammation and help the body to find the direction of healing itself.

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gout is the deposition of salts?

Gout is a metabolic disease in which uric acid salts, also known as urate, are deposited in the joints. Gout is also called "Disease of the Kings", an ancient disease that was already known in the time of Hippocrates. Now gout is considered a rare disease, it affects 3 people out of 1000. And most often it affects men over the age of 40, in women it is most often manifested after menopause. In itself, gout disease, this is one of the types of joint disease, the cause, which is the deposition of uric acid( urates), in simple terms, the deposition of salts. From gout suffer all the joints, from the joints of the fingers to the toes of the toes. Gout is a chronic disease caused by a metabolic disorder. Causes of gout The cause of gout is an increased and persistent level of uric acid in the blood. During the course of the disease, urate crystals( a derivative of uric acid) are deposited in the joints, organs and other body systems. Sodium urate crystallizes and small particles are deposited in the joints, which ultimately leads to partial or complete destruction of the joint. For the same reason, such arthritis is called microcrystalline. A large amount of uric acid in the body can be for two reasons, the first reason is that when healthy kidneys can not cope with the withdrawal of an unusually large amount of uric acid, the second reason is when uric acid is released in normal amounts, but the kidneys are unable to remove it.

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What happens in the body with gout?

The appearance of gout is associated with an increase in the content of uric acid in the body. Excess uric acid occurs when there is a violation of its secretion or increased education in the body. Not excreted in time from the body uric acid, which includes salts - urate, is deposited in the form of crystals. They cause inflammation in the joints and kidneys.

Salts form crystals, in their structure resembling needles. When they are absorbed by protective blood cells - neutrophils, they cause their destruction and the reciprocal inflammatory response of the body.

This inflammation causes severe pain and with its progression, gouty nodules are formed - salt deposits. Such deposits usually appear on the auricles, small joints of the hand and foot. Without proper treatment, these formations can completely disfigure the appearance of the joint.

What are the external manifestations?

The first symptoms of the disease most often appear in patients after 40 years. They can be provoked by such reasons as:

  1. Alcohol intake.
  2. Eating foods containing a large amount of purine bases.
  3. Increased physical activity.
  4. Surgical intervention - often the disease begins 3-7 days after surgery.
  5. Infectious diseases.
  6. Taking certain medicinal substances.
  7. Radiation therapy.

At the first signs of illness the patient feels a sharp intense pain in the joint, then there is redness and a feeling of heat in the joint, the movements are sharply limited and become extremely painful. Usually these symptoms are localized in one joint, most often the joint of the big toe is affected. A gout attack begins at night or early in the morning, after a while the pain subsides, and the inflammation in the joint decreases. But without treatment and adherence to the diet is soon repeated.

At the onset of the disease, there may be a period of asymptomatic hyperuricum - with complete physical health in the blood and urine of the patient there is an increase in the level of uric acid. This is a period of compensation for the disease, when the increased work of the kidneys helps to remove excess urate from the body. Its duration depends on a number of factors:

  • compensatory capacity of the kidney,
  • intake of purine bases with food,
  • features of metabolism in the body.

The most common clinical form of onset of the disease is acute gouty arthritis.

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What is this disease - gout?

Gout is a disease that occurs due to a violation of the metabolism of purine bases in the body. This disease has been known since ancient times. Gouty attacks are described in the writings of Hippocrates and his followers.

Gout is called "the disease of kings", its descriptions are found in classical literature and drama. This name and popularity of this disease are associated with its appearance due to a violation in the diet - the abuse of meat fatty dishes - and the widespread prevalence in old age.

In the last century after the disease of gout, people became disabled, and malnutrition caused frequent exacerbations. Know how gout is manifested, it is necessary for everyone, because its first signs are easily not noticed, and then treatment of the disease will be much more difficult.

Gout is a disease that occurs due to metabolic disorders in the body, when the production and removal of purines, components of uric acid, is disrupted and they begin to accumulate in the body. This can be caused by genetic disorders in the enzyme system or an increased content of uric acid in food. Also, the cause of gout can be abnormalities in the work of the kidneys.

Symptoms of the disease appear with the deposition of urate salts - urate, which in their structure, resemble a needle and, deposited in the joints and kidneys, cause severe pain.

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What's terrible about gout?

Discarding jokes, it is worth explaining that gout is a consequence of high levels of uric acid in the blood. It is formed by the cleavage of proteins and is a white powder, poorly soluble in water. When uric acid is poorly excreted from the body, it begins to be deposited in the joints. There are people who are prone to crystal formation. They are prone to gout.

The most characteristic gout is on the big toe. It is believed that such a disease begins precisely with this joint, because most often there is a degenerative-dystrophic change in cartilage. This causes great suffering. In the trap are men after 40 years, and women at risk of developing gout after menopause. You can not get rid of gout, so you have to change your way of life in order to suppress it.

In addition to leg joints, gout may affect ulnar, wrist and other joints. Sometimes it affects the internal organs. Changes can be observed in the nervous and cardiovascular system. Suffer the skin, digestive organs and eyesight.

You can find out about gout only after an attack. It is accompanied by severe pain and immobility of the joint. With the course of the disease, seizures increase and increase in duration. Usually gout dominates at night.

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Is it necessary to treat gout?

You need to treat gout. Launched on its own accord, this disease, associated with a violation of the exchange of special substances - purines - in the body and excess in the body of uric acid, can lead to chronic kidney failure, increased blood pressure, damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys and the heart. And for the joints, the waiting attitude can be disastrous: painful seizures become more frequent and more prolonged each time, and in addition to the joints of the legs, the joints of the hands and elbows can be involved in the inflammatory process.

And although it is impossible to completely get rid of gout, it is peaceful to coexist with it, minimizing painful attacks, - the task is quite real. Thanks to drugs that effectively reduce the level of uric acid, and also improve its excretion from the body, the disease can be kept in check.

And of course, you need a strict diet. In gouty women, she completely excludes alcohol, strong tea, coffee, spices, hot snacks. We will also have to give up some vegetables( sorrel, spinach, asparagus, Brussels and cauliflower, legumes).And, of course, from rich in purines fried meat, meat and fish soups. If you are a convinced meat-eater, then eat it less often and boiled.

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Gout attacks without warning

Often in our view, this disease is an ancient visitor from the distant past, but it is not so

When it is mentioned, there are associations with the dark Middle Ages or the Epoch of great sea discoveries. But gout for modern medicine is by no means an ancient artifact. In contrast, for example, from another ancient disease - scurvy - it is ubiquitous until now, and is not treated easily and uncompromisingly.

Extremely unattractive in appearance, leading to ugly growths on the fingers and joints, finally causing permanent exhausting pains, old age and old excesses - this is how we used to represent the "disease of kings" gout, known to mankind since the time of Hippocrates.

She deserved such a vivid name for the reason that in the Middle Ages she suffered most often only very wealthy and rich people. Remember how the ancient feasts depict the artists in a colorful way: a piglet cooked on a spit, fresh game on a table, huge cups of wine pouring from them like water. .. Such a diet could afford only kings, their highest dignitaries and other rich people. It is in this over-satiated and monotonous food that one of the clues of gout development lies - the use of products such as meat, wine, fatty fish, and finally beer, leads to a gradual deposition on the bones and joints of uric acid salts,human body with a similar daily diet. So is it any wonder that gout survived to this day? As you know, times change, but some tastes remain unchanged - many of us now also want to eat snack, sometimes even directly at the expense of their health. Fat and high-calorie fast food has firmly entered our life, not to mention beer, which in our country has long been accustomed to drinking like ordinary water.

Suffering from satiety

Gout is a disease that occurs with an impaired metabolism. It occurs in people with a persistent increase in the level of uric acid in the blood and usually affects patients after 40 years, with men diagnosed 20 times more often than women. The ailment often attacks without warning at night - in the form of severe pain in the joint, most often the big toe.

Fat animal food contains a large number of so-called purines, which enter the body together with other nutrients and are processed by the kidneys into uric acid. Purines are a very important building material for the normal life of the whole organism, but with excessive supply of them, the kidneys begin to produce too much uric acid. There is a so-called hyperuricemia. Gradually accumulating, the acid forms crystals, which are deposited mainly in tissues with insufficient blood supply: in the joints, cartilage and tendons.

According to statistics, in those regions of the globe where the diet consists mainly of carbohydrate products( China, India, Africa), not rich in purine bases, gout is extremely rare.

Strictly speaking, the revealed hyperuricemia is not equated immediately with gout. But this is a marker, a signal that things are not quite smooth in the body with metabolism. There can be several reasons for this - and the above mentioned consumption of high-calorie, purine-rich food and vice versa, starvation, when the muscle mass of the body starts to be consumed and the purines released during this process also enter the circulation. Sometimes hyperuricemia directly indicates severe illnesses - for example, the presence of renal failure with inhibition of excretion of uric acid in the urine. Also this ailment manifests itself in various tumors or blood diseases. But no matter what the true cause of prolonged and elevated levels of uric acid salts in blood plasma, there is a high risk that after a while a person with similar disorders can develop gout.

Joint trap

The word "podagra" from the Greek language is literally translated as a foot trap. And in this name there is a big share of truth, as the disease in most cases affects the big toes, ankle or knee joints. They develop specific nodes - tofus, which are nothing more than crystals of uric acid salts, connected to each other in small conglomerates. Also, the favorite areas of tofus localization are the auricles, the subcutaneous tissue of the forearms, elbows, fingers, feet, shins and thighs. When such deposits occur in the joints or periarticular tissues, the body reacts to them as an alien body - an acute inflammation develops. This condition is called gouty arthritis.

A classic attack of acute gouty arthritis develops in 50-80 percent of patients. The affected swelling joint constantly reminds itself of a sudden seizure of severe, pressing pain, which usually occurs early in the morning. The skin above it becomes crimson and shiny. During the day, the pain weakens somewhat, but again intensifies by night. This continues for several weeks. When the process is repeated, other joints can be involved, which leads to partial destruction of the bones. Deformations of articular tissues occur, bone growths occur;there is a crunch in the knee and ankle joints, there may even be incomplete dislocations of the fingers. As a result of severe gout attacks, patients lose their ability to work and physical activity. There is also a sluggish version of the course of the disease, with a mild, worn-out symptom-a small pain and mild hyperemia of the skin in the affected area.

But most importantly, what should be paid close attention to gout - the deposition of kidney stones. Since the disease itself is only the result of the excessive presence of uric acid salts in the blood, it is not difficult to guess that these salts, in addition to deposition in the joint tissues, can accumulate in the kidneys themselves, forming so-called urate stones. Sometimes even such stones consist mainly of crystals of uric acid itself. Kidney stones always require close monitoring. The main thing is to prevent the possibility of developing renal failure, which threatens, in addition to disability, in severe cases even death.

Getting rid of the "trap"

Heredity in the development of gout plays an important role. If one of the parents had a gout, it is better to be safe and once again pay attention to your daily diet. It is necessary to limit the consumption of foods rich in protein( meat, fish, meat and fish broths, tea and coffee).Do not abuse alcohol, beer, champagne, red wine - everything should be in moderation. Alcohol inhibits the excretion of uric acid from the body, leaving its content in the blood at a high level.

To those who decided to dramatically and thoughtlessly tackle losing weight, it should be remembered that a rapid loss of body weight can cause an increase in the blood of uric acid and provoke a gouty crisis. Therefore, weight loss should occur gradually.

If you can not avoid the development of the disease, you need to know how it is properly treated. A patient with a suspicion of such a disease is advised to undergo a consultation with a rheumatologist and urologist. Gout is treated mainly by lowering the concentration of uric acid in the blood to a level 2 times lower than the norm required to dissolve urate crystals. A strict diet is needed. Mainly, there is a transition to the use of carbohydrate food instead of protein. The main thing that will have to be forgotten is fatty delicacies - liver, kidneys, lungs, fish and meat broths, as well as caviar. Bean and vegetable crops should also be limited - beans, beans, spinach, sorrel, radish, eggplant and cauliflower should be excluded. Suffering gout requires an abundant drinking regimen, a day he should drink at least 3 liters of fluid.

As you can see, some types of carbohydrate food can also be banned, so it's necessary to prescribe the necessary diet. Depending on the severity of the disease, it can resolve in moderation quantities of cereals, eggs, lean fish, mutton and beef. From medicamentous preparations to facilitate the course of seizures are used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, plant alkaloids, as well as ointments and gels for external use. Most often the prognosis of the development of ailment is favorable. If the diagnosis is established early and the patient follows the recommendations of the doctor, modern therapy allows most patients to lead a normal life. A certain restoration of the structure of the joints can be achieved in advanced cases.

Gout is definitely not an easy disease. But modern medicine knows how to fight it. With timely access to the doctor and the fulfillment of all his prescriptions, the "disease of the kings" can be successfully pacified, despite its proud and ancient name.

Folk recipes against gout

Decoction for medicinal bath. Requires 500 gr.oat straw, currant leaves, young pine needles, chamomile flowers, sage medicinal herbs and 10 liters of water. Pour the plants with cold water, put on a slow fire, cook for 30 minutes. The broth cool, drain and pour into the bath. Take a bath at a water temperature of 35-37 degrees for 15 minutes.

Anesthetic mixture for rubbing. Grind into powder 100 gr.bay leaf and 1 tablespoon of juniper, pour 1 kilogram of melted butter( goose fat, badger fat), mix everything well. The resulting mixture is rubbed as an analgesic and sedative for gouty pain.

Healing tea. Take 5 tablespoons of thyme grass creeping and oregano;4 tablespoons of rose hips;2 tablespoons of fruit of blood-red hawthorn, flowers of heart-shaped linden, flowers of a blue-head. All the ingredients are ground and mixed. Collect 1 liter of water and pour boiling water 2 tablespoons chopped collection, insist, after cooling, strain. Take as tea, 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

The most common primary form of gout, the cause of which is malnutrition. Products entering the body, rich in purines( disintegrating in the process of metabolism to uric acid) lead to gouty arthritis, in which the cartilage tissues are primarily damaged. Cure gout modern medicine can not yet. The use of medications does not give permanent results, if the patient with gout does not radically change the nature of nutrition. It is nutrition for gout - this is the question that is associated with the cause of the development of this disease and with its treatment.

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Dietary food tasks

Treatment of such a complex disease as gout is a long process. Naturally, with an exacerbation of the disease, the most important is the arrest of the attack and the removal of the pain syndrome. The further strategy of treatment of the disease is associated with the patient's transition to a correct, rational diet. Rational nutrition for gout is primarily a reduction in the consumption of foods that contain purine substances. This leads to a slowdown in the development of gout and a decrease in the number of relapses of gouty attacks. Patients with gout should give priority to the question of proper nutrition, since its normalization, strict adherence to recommendations, helps to improve the condition of the legs and the body as a whole. For patients with gout, certain products are selected, on the basis of which it is possible to make a menu. But, first of all, the patient should adhere to the observance of the rules with respect to nutrition, which will allow to achieve the tasks of dietary nutrition. These tasks are as follows:

• Normalize purine metabolism in the body, by reducing the intake of foods rich in purines;• To influence the mechanisms of uric acid production in the body;• Accelerate the excretion of urate salts from the body;• Improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system;• Displace the pH of the urine in the alkaline side;• Reduce excess weight;

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Basic principles of feeding a patient with gout

  • The most important rule for a sick gout is a fractional meal, in small portions. To eat it is necessary - 5-6 times a day, with one unloading day in a week;
  • Proteins coming in with the products must be strictly dose-fed so that the body can process them without remnant and remove uric acid completely. Salt from the diet should be removed completely;
  • The day off should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables in fresh form;
  • You can include rice in the diet on water, fruit drinks and compotes without adding sugar, herbal teas. Water should be present in a volume of at least 2 liters;
  • Do not use full starvation for gout;
  • Eliminate alcohol from the diet, which is a provocateur of attacks in arthritis.

The daily diet for arthritis should include: a normal amount of carbohydrates - 400-450 g;a reduced amount of proteins - 70-80 g;fats - 80-90 g;a reduced amount of salt - 8-10 g;increased amount of liquid - up to 2.5 liters. The whole diet should be in energy terms from 2,500 to 2,700 calories. Do not forget to exclude from the diet alcohol and products containing it. Dietary nutrition should be maintained outside the period of exacerbation of the disease. During the exacerbation of food products, no more than 200 mg of purines per day should enter the body. This is ensured by a sharp decrease in protein foods and salt. In this case, it is necessary to correctly use the thermal treatment of the products: steaming, boiling and quenching. Most of the patients with gout are overweight, which affects the condition of his legs. They experience pain when walking, weight in the legs, general fatigue.

To facilitate the condition with arthritis will help a strict diet, which must at the same time take into account all the necessary substances necessary for the fastest onset of the period of remission. The patient should know the list of products that are contraindicated to him, and try not to use them.

Foods not recommended for use

So, what can not be eaten with gout? The diet should exclude the following foods with gout:

  1. Broth cooked on lamb, goose, beef, veal;
  2. Meat of young animals;



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