How to overcome a hangover at home

How to overcome a hangover at homeAlcohol

With the advent of holidays or after usual gatherings with friends in the morning often comes an evil enemy - a hangover. At such times, we promise ourselves never to drink again, because b...

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What is used today against very bad habits

What is used today against very bad habitsAlcohol

Drugs for getting rid of narcotic, tobacco and alcohol dependence in our time have become very popular in treatment. For someone, these drugs become the most effective if they are used by t...

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How to cure female alcoholism?

How to cure female alcoholism?Alcohol

How to cure female alcoholism? To date, the problem of female alcoholism is one of the most acute problems of society, since curing a drinking woman is much more difficult t...

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Myths that beer is useful

Myths that beer is usefulAlcohol

Scientifically proven that beer is not an inoffensive drink. Like any other alcoholic beverage, it has a very strong destructive effect on the entire body. Now even the term "beer heart...

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Alcoholism is a disease or debauchery?

Alcoholism is a disease or debauchery?Alcohol

Alcoholism is a disease or debauchery? Living with a drinking person can turn into hell. But what is alcoholism? Is it a disease or debauchery? Specialists-narcologists give...

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First aid for alcohol intoxication

First aid for alcohol intoxicationAlcohol

Currently, the use of alcoholic beverages has long become familiar in everyone's life. Every year, the statistics of people who drink alcohol, gaining momentum. Only in the last 3 years the...

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Get rid of a hangover

Get rid of a hangoverAlcohol

How to get rid of a hangover, unfortunately, there are few people who fell into such situations. To get out of this unpleasant state, there are a lot of funds from natural and chemical components....

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How alcohol affects the diet

How alcohol affects the dietAlcohol

Diet is a component of life, probably, of every woman who loves herself, but also not only because the diet is a set of rules for the use of food by a person in a given situation. The diet can be ...

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