What should be a diet for atherosclerosis?

What should be a diet for atherosclerosis?DietsDiets

What should be a diet for atherosclerosis? Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease, biochemically its main manifestation is the accumulation and adhesion of cholesterol( mainl...

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How to diet properly

How to diet properlyDietsDiets

The diet is sometimes frustrating when you do not see any results and can not understand why. In this article we will consider 4 reasons why your diet methods may not work. The following 4 ...

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Dietary recommendations for diseases of the thyroid glandDietsDiets

Unfortunately, a healthy person rarely thinks about the benefits of proper nutrition, about the biochemical reactions of the body, about the burden that the organs bear when processing food. He be...

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How will the abuse of diets affect the health?

How will the abuse of diets affect the health?DietsDiets

How will the abuse of diets affect the health? Diet diet is different. Reasonable restriction of fatty foods, the use of large amounts of water contribute at least not fast,...

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Banana mono-diet

Banana mono-dietDietsDiets

Despite the rather high caloric content, this exotic fruit is the source of many vitamins and trace elements. Eating bananas, you stock up with vitamins such as E, C, B6, etc. In addition, ...

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Apply the diet thoughtfully

Apply the diet thoughtfullyDietsDiets

Each person is unique, has its own characteristics both in character and in the structure of the body. Strengthening health, especially treatment with a variety of diets, requires an indivi...

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Diet with liver disease

Diet with liver diseaseDietsDiets

Failure in the liver can be due to alcohol consumption, antibiotics, malnutrition and so on. For a speedy recovery of patients need to adhere to a special diet. What you need to eat wit...

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Why not be on a diet

Why not be on a dietDietsDiets

When trying to control your weight, many of us first of all try to organize food, often using advertised, supposedly impeccable and effective diets. However, it should be understood that nu...

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High protein diet and size xs

High protein diet and size xsDietsDiets

In recent times, the main enemy of the figure was marked by fats, and all the slimming began to give preference to low-fat products. But now the fats on the black list have been replaced wi...

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Delicious ice cream diet

Delicious ice cream dietDietsDiets

In the minds of people has long been firmly believed that a slim figure with a diet - this is a priority for people with a strong character and iron willpower. However, in recent years, nutritioni...

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Diet for the lazy

Diet for the lazyDietsDiets

A certain category of people want to lose weight without any effort. This diet is created for lazy people who want everything at once, but only without stress. Such a diet was developed by a lady ...

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Ukrainian diet

Ukrainian dietDietsDiets

Girls are Ukrainian, they work very hard, and their harmony lies in a small secret. In order for life to be full of energy, we want, it looks good. But not everyone can afford it. Many women just ...

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