How to slow down skin aging

How to slow down skin agingLongevity

Every woman is a bright and unique person. But all the representatives of the fair sex are united by the desire to be happy and healthy. Many will say that youth and beauty are not a guarantee of ...

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Habits useful to health

Habits useful to healthLongevity

People mistakenly think that good health is hard labor. But you need to develop some useful habits that, moreover, do not require much time, and you will significantly improve your health. A perso...

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Why does memory deteriorate with age?

Why does memory deteriorate with age?Longevity

Why does memory deteriorate with age? And at the same time, someone keeps a clear mind up to 100 years. Maybe it all depends on genetics? Even a person who leads the most healthy w...

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10 ways to prolong life

10 ways to prolong lifeLongevity

If you follow your beauty and health, you can live long enough, maybe even a hundred years. And for this you have to take full responsibility for each of your actions. Your first step on the road ...

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Yoga and youth: a candle position

Yoga and youth: a candle positionLongevity

Yoga is the most ancient practice of comprehension of harmony. By performing asanas( special fixed poses), the practitioner balances the energy flows that pass through his body. Such a balance, ac...

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Where are youth and health hidden?

Where are youth and health hidden?Longevity

Today it is no longer a secret: they are hidden in our nerves. If this source of your life is full of energy and works properly, you are full of positive emotions, you have good memory and high ...

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10 Simple Steps to Finding Youth and Beauty

10 Simple Steps to Finding Youth and BeautyLongevity

Youth and beauty are the natural properties of a healthy and cheerful person. But how many are satisfied with the state of their health and appearance? For those who aspire to be young and beautif...

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Healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyleLongevity

Probably, each of us thought about how some people already in a fairly old age manage to be so active and energetic. What secrets do they hide and how do they manage to do this? The key...

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