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Treatment of stomach cancer in Israel

Treatment of stomach cancer in IsraelDrugs And Treatments

Gastric cancer is a malignant tumor that affects the mucous membrane of the body. Pathology develops secretly, metastatic foci are most often found in the lungs, esophagus, and liver. The d...

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Holter monitoring - examination of the heart

Holter monitoring - examination of the heartDrugs And Treatments

Holter monitoring is known to be one of the informative methods of studying the work of the heart. The results of this study depend on the clinical picture. It will be informative only at a...

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How to choose the right tonometer

How to choose the right tonometerDrugs And Treatments

In a house where people live more than 40 years, there must be a tonometer. With age-related changes, changes in blood pressure can be associated and to control it, this device is needed. B...

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News from Dr. Hermann Shaevich Gandelman

News from Dr. Hermann Shaevich GandelmanDrugs And Treatments

In Israel for the first time it will be possible to see an open heart operation in a virtual reality with an overview of 360 degrees. Source: http: //gandelman.ru/ Until recently, plunge ...

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We enrich the body with oxygen

We enrich the body with oxygenDrugs And Treatments

Residents of megacities are experiencing a constant lack of oxygen. And there are people who rarely ventilate the rooms, going out for them is a rarity. They believe that nothing useful for...

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Ketanov - an excellent remedy against pain

Ketanov - an excellent remedy against painDrugs And Treatments

Few people in this life did not experience pain. We are born through it and we die, most likely, too. Maybe that's why we are so eager to prevent its emergence by all possible means. In the...

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Israeli medicine: doctors and clinics

Israeli medicine: doctors and clinicsDrugs And Treatments

Medicine in Israel - qualified assistance, which is publicly available not only for residents of their country, but also for foreign citizens. Medical tourism is particularly popular, which ...

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Bone marrow transplantation

Bone marrow transplantationDrugs And Treatments

Thanks to new scientific advances in medicine, many methods became available, which we could only dream about and write in science fiction books. Before our eyes, fantasy is becoming a real...

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How is plasmotherapy performed?

How is plasmotherapy performed?Drugs And Treatments

As is known, plasmatherapy is a subcutaneous injection of blood plasma. These injections stimulate the production of collagen, which improves the skin condition. Like any other procedure as...

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Cortisone helps to eliminate pain

Cortisone helps to eliminate painDrugs And Treatments

There is a lot of information about anabolic steroids, hormones that improve physical abilities, which some athletes use( and sometimes abuse).Less known are hormones called corticosteroids,...

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Cold or scalpel? Advantages of cryosurgery.

Cold or scalpel? Advantages of cryosurgery.Drugs And Treatments

Cold or scalpel? Advantages of cryosurgery. The first experiments with the use of cold were conducted in 1851 and received fairly effective results. For the treatment of cer...

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Gravitational inversion treats back pain

Gravitational inversion treats back painDrugs And Treatments

Main article: Back pain - causes, treatment and prevention, including back pain during pregnancy This technique is able to master even a monkey: hang upside down - and you can get rid o...

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