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How to survive a man, or a midlife crisis

How to survive a man, or a midlife crisisMen's Health

The most difficult period in a man's life is about 37-42 years. This is due to the midlife crisis. First of all, this is the age of summing up, when everything that has been or has not been...

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Hormonal failure in men - causes, symptoms and treatment

Hormonal failure in men - causes, symptoms and treatmentMen's Health

The reproductive function of a man and the timely growth of adolescents depend on the proper functioning of the hormonal system. If a representative of the stronger sex has violated the act...

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All about prostate adenoma

All about prostate adenomaMen's Health

There are many men in the world who live and do not suspect that they have a change in the prostate gland functioning, and some kind of new growth appears in it. The prostate is the organ t...

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All about hemorrhoids

All about hemorrhoidsMen's Health

Hemorrhoids called veins in the rectum. These enlarged nodes are internal and external. Approximately half of the population has dilated veins. But only one in four needs treatment. Lack of...

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Prostatitis - male disease of the century

Prostatitis - male disease of the centuryMen's Health

Any man must know and imagine what prostatitis is. It is important to know the causes of its occurrence, the initial symptoms and methods of treatment. Prostatitis is one of the most unplea...

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Hypertrophy of the prostate

Hypertrophy of the prostateMen's Health

Hypertrophy of the prostate is usually observed in men of mature age. Specialists tend to associate the occurrence of the disease with hormonal failures in the body. The phenomenon causes un...

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10 unexpected facts about the penis

10 unexpected facts about the penisMen's Health

1. The largest penis of our time John Falcon is recognized as the most impressive dignity. His farm in an excited state reaches 34-35 cm. The immodest size of the penis sometimes plays ...

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10 products that increase potency in men quickly

10 products that increase potency in men quicklyMen's Health

A reduced male potency can make a split in family relationships. To strengthen the erectile function, you can not only use medicines, for example, buy Levitra, but also include certain food...

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Urinary incontinence in men

Urinary incontinence in menMen's Health

Incontinence or urinary incontinence in men is a serious problem, a condition of the body that involves an uncontrolled leakage of urine. Allocations can occur during the day, in the morning or ev...

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Top-7 products for men's health

Top-7 products for men's healthMen's Health

Men, like young children, need a special list of foods( a special diet) to preserve the strength, the full vital activity of the body, and most importantly - to prevent diseases such as can...

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