Nails And Nail Care

Panaritium: classification, causes, symptoms and treatment

Panaritium: classification, causes, symptoms and treatmentNails And Nail Care

Panaritium is a disease accompanied by an inflammatory process with the presence of suppuration in the area of ​​the fingers from the palm or near the nail. Microbes that cause tissue suppu...

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The right manicure is the basis of attractive hands

The right manicure is the basis of attractive handsNails And Nail Care

Many women today paint their nails. But to make a beautiful and well-groomed manicure is not possible for everyone. In the right manicure is important not only aesthetics, but also hygiene....

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Nail care at home

Nail care at homeNails And Nail Care

Without exception, all women want to have strong, beautiful nails. Some of these properties are given by nature, and someone achieves results with the help of cosmetic intervention. There a...

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Rules of home nail care

Rules of home nail careNails And Nail Care

A woman tries to create a holistic image in order to appear in the eyes of the beloved man in the most favorable light. Let's talk about the basic rules of nail care, because it is the nail...

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Home care for nails

Home care for nailsNails And Nail Care

It is said that the age of a woman and her social position most often give out hands, the general condition of which consists of many indicators. Of all parts of the body, external factors e...

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Children's manicure, or How to care for a child's nails

Children's manicure, or How to care for a child's nailsNails And Nail Care

Girls begin to grow older than boys, they have been paying more attention to their appearance since early childhood. Mothers, educating future women, acquire to their little princess beautiful dre...

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Women's health and nails

Women's health and nailsNails And Nail Care

Judging by the state of the nails, you can tell a lot about his health as a whole. How can you define it? The color, thickness, shape, texture and, in general, the appearance of the nail plates th...

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Materials for gel nail extensions

Materials for gel nail extensionsNails And Nail Care

Girls with well-groomed long nails are always admired, and the uninitiated does not even guess that she has just acrylic or gel nails. Technologies are constantly being improved and no one is surp...

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